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我有一個linux完全rootfs(據我所知是一個ramfs實例)。沒有硬盤,也沒有交換。我得到了一個不斷泄漏內存的進程。虛擬內存最終增長到物理內存大小的4倍,如上圖所示。我無法理解發生了什麼事。 rootfs應該只需要RAM,對吧?如果我沒有磁盤交換,虛擬內存如何增長到物理內存的4倍?如果在rootfs上發生內存泄漏,會發生什麼情況?



並非所有分配的內存都必須由塊設備支持; glibc-人們認爲這種行爲是一個bug:

    By default, Linux follows an optimistic memory allocation 
    strategy. This means that when malloc() returns non-NULL 
    there is no guarantee that the memory really is available. 
    This is a really bad bug. In case it turns out that the 
    system is out of memory, one or more processes will be killed 
    by the infamous OOM killer. In case Linux is employed under 
    circumstances where it would be less desirable to suddenly 
    lose some randomly picked processes, and moreover the kernel 
    version is sufficiently recent, one can switch off this 
    overcommitting behavior using a command like: 

     # echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory 

    See also the kernel Documentation directory, files 
    vm/overcommit-accounting and sysctl/vm.txt. 

Thanks!我將閱讀vm/overcommit-accounting和sysctl/vm.txt以瞭解更多信息。 – 2011-04-10 09:51:53